Air India banishes meat to boost profits

International airline Air India, who fly to 89 destinations worldwide, including London, New York City and Paris, have decided to stop serving meat dishes to their economy class passengers.

The airline already offered vegetarian and vegan meals upon request, alongside provision for Hindus, Muslims, Jains and various other dietary requirements. However, Air India have discovered that they can save quite an amount of money by switching meat for plants in their economy class.

The airline propose that by banishing meat, they will save around Rs 20 cr (£2.4 million), as well as reducing food waste and preventing the risk of mix-ups between meat and vegetarian dishes.

Air India, founded 71 years ago, have a fleet of 116 aeroplanes and generated a revenues of $3.3 billion (£2.54 billion) in 2015-16.

The move will be welcomed by vegans, vegetarians, and meat-reducers across the world, who often struggle to find food which is suitable on aeroplanes.

The meat-free market is booming, with Quorn expecting to become a billion dollar business within the next decade.

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