$8.7 Trillion Investments in Sustainable Industries Boost Vegan Food Industry

Investments by influential businessmen such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his investments into sustainable businesses and raising awareness of environmental concerns alongside his acting career, are contributing to the success of sustainable industries that are revolutionising the meat industry and vegan food businesses.

Bill Gates is known to have invested in Memphis Meats, Impossible Foods, while Richard Branson has invested in Memphis Meats too. Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in Beyond Meat, in Hippeas, and in an off-grid solar company that provides power to rural communities.

Alongside this, two investment firms are big contributors to the plant based and sustainable industries. Blue Horizon Corporation and Stray Dog Capital have investments in the large companies, such as Beyond Meat, Ocean Hugger Foods and Memphis Meats, however they are also providing funding to smaller companies that have the potential to become successful in the plant based industries.

However, collectively the investments show that the sustainable industries are now worth $8.7 trillion. It was reported by Bloomberg in 2016 that there had been a $2 trillion increase in investments to businesses that “accommodate US institutions’ demand for assets that meet environmental, social and corporate-governance goals.”

This total investment is believed to make up more than a fifth of all investments that took place in the US during 2016. As veganism shows no sign of slowing down, and more sustainable businesses are needed to meet the world’s demand and growing population, investments such as this are more valuable than ever.

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