3.5 million vegans in the UK, says new data

New data has shown the huge growth in the number of people in the UK who identify as vegan. The number of Brits who are vegan has now reached 3.5 million, equating to 7 per cent of the population.

The rise in the vegan population is up 700 per cent compared to similar data by The Vegan Society and Vegan Life magazine just two years ago.

The research from comparethemarket.com, supported by Gresham College professor Carolyn Roberts, revealed that the UK public are looking to what they are putting on their plates when trying to make their lifestyles more environmentally-friendly.

Professor Roberts said: “Environmental issues continue to rise up the national agenda. The good news is that practical changes, such as a shift in diet, could be a superior solution to having a positive impact on the environment. However, and quite naturally, the desire for change does not always translate into genuine action, as other priorities can overwhelm many of us, particularly those in with demanding jobs and families,

“From farm to fork and beyond, food accounts for about 20 per cent of all of our greenhouse gas emissions. Estimates suggest that if all of our meat eaters switched to a vegan diet, it would roughly halve total greenhouse gas emissions associated with food.”

The report also stated that 14 per cent of the population is shunning meat, with over 7 million people in the UK identifying as vegetarians.

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